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Vector & Happy Cog. Together.

Today we’re announcing that Vector Media Group has acquired Happy Cog, weaving together two incredibly talented teams to further expand our offerings and reach. You’ll be hearing a lot more from us over the coming weeks and months about how we're combining forces, but in the meantime, we look forward to continuing to bring our passionate and imaginative ideas and solutions to life.

Vector & Happy Cog. Better together.

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TEDx Philadelphia

Locally-sourced ideas, soup to nuts

TEDx Philadelphia

TEDx Philly home page

Philadelphia is an ever-expanding, undeniable source of creative, pioneering, forward-thinking individuals. The TEDxPhiladelphia conference provides a platform for sharing these new ideas.

Happy Cog worked with the local organizers of TEDx on a pro bono, ground-up design and build of the TEDxPhiladelphia website. The goal of the redesign was to make the TEDxPhiladelphia website more like the actual conference — an engaging, accessible, and sustainable infrastructure for the audience to discover new ideas and see upcoming events—even after the conference is over.


From left to right: mobile home page, video search facets.

The TEDxPhiladelphia audience is comprised of dedicated citizens working to build a better Philadelphia. The new site was designed as a dedicated place for discovering ideas with an easy-to-browse video library. To keep the annual event’s momentum going throughout the year, the website was designed to be a consolidated home for year-round events.

Along with these new initiatives, the site also had to account for typical conference-centric content and capabilities like speaker bios, event listing, and ticket purchasing. We relied upon TEDx’s comprehensive set of branding and promotion materials to inspire our design, but were sure to give the site some unmistakable Philly flair.