Vector Media Group Acquires Happy Cog

I am very excited to announce that Happy Cog has been acquired by Vector Media Group, a multi-faceted digital agency headquartered in New York City.

Vector has over a decade of client service experience, is a respected leader in the web development space, and has deep experience in digital marketing including SEO and Paid Media. This acquisition gives Happy Cog unprecedented scale and expands its capabilities to serve an increasing roster of clients in a wide variety of industries including higher education, consumer brands, travel and hospitality, media and publishing, and more.

I launched Happy Cog’s Philadelphia presence in 2006. Many web veterans are aware that Happy Cog’s roots go back to 1999. Founded by a web pioneer, Happy Cog has been synonymous with web standards and human-centered design, and it has long operated on the philosophy that teaching and sharing makes the web a better place. I couldn’t be more proud of Happy Cog’s heritage or more appreciative of the smart people that played a role in its success over the years.

Happy Cog has traditionally been a boutique consultancy, and while its size has been a benefit in many respects, it has also limited its ability to meet the increasing resource demands of its clients, especially on the development side. The strategic value of Vector’s deep experience in front-and and back-end development, custom software, design and branding, and analytics can’t be overstated. I couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead.

Read about it on Vector’s website
Read the press release

We’ll be announcing much more in the coming weeks about where things are headed, so stay tuned.


Greg Hoy
Happy Cog