Digital, made to order.

We’re the soup-to-nuts digital do-it-alls. And we do it at scale. Whether you stick around for the full course, or just the appetizers, know that we’ll take care of you. Whatever your appetite.

Strategy and planning
Mixed-methods research
Interviews, workshops, and field research correspond with surveys, analytics consulting, and other forms of quantitative investigation to reveal insights and opportunities.
Product innovation
You found your niche, we’ll help you carve it. Our product services group blend business acumen with technological know-how, to bring to market new ideas- and breathe new life into old ones.
Paid media campaign planning
How, when, where, and for whom your ads show up is every bit as important as your ad creative. 
Enhancement roadmapping
We work with you to figure out what’s working, what’s not, and where there’s untested opportunity. Agile-backed feedback loops ensure testing and iteration along the way.
Brand and UX
From generating hundreds of possible candidates to final selection, we’ll make sure you get that forever-name you’re looking for.
Digital-first verbal and visual brand
Brand narrative is told through more than a logo or strapline. We merge the implicit – the visual – with the explicit – the written – into a single, coherent story worth telling.
Content strategy and information architecture (IA)
Relevant content, clear wayfinding, and smart organization are the foundational elements of any good experience. We embed clients in the definition and creation process, ensuring content needs are supportable long-term.
Our content strategy process is tailor-made for organizations who plan to create and maintain their content themselves. But should you need an extra helping hand, we got you.
User Experience (UX)
If it affects the user’s experience, it’s user experience. Here, UX isn’t solely the responsibility of design, but runs across multiple departments and disciplines.
User Interface and User Interaction Design (IxD)
Beautiful things work better (and they get used more, too).
Design Systems
The end result of any design engagement is an atomized system of interface standards, interaction patterns, and reusable parts that designers and developers can use to evolve your product. We also partner with large organizations helping to establish and maintain design systems for their internal teams.
Front-end development
Our front-end developers work closely with internal and external design partners to ensure the technical precision and extensibility of design systems.
CMS development
Happy Cog is CMS-agnostic, collaborating with clients and assessing their needs before recommending a traditional or headless CMS implementation. We have extensive experience with all major platforms, and are Wordpress and Craft VIP Partners.
Ecommerce solutions
Whether budding small business or large-volume seller, our solutions scale as short-term plans turn into long-term growth.
Point-of-Sale (POS) integrations
Front of house to back of house and every interaction between, we can help you streamline transactions, improve data automation, and build customer data, online and off.
Third-party platform integrations
Modern products and services can require multiple software integrations to enhance product performance. We blend these together seamlessly, ensuring compatibility and long-term viability.
Ongoing maintenance and support
Today, well-tended digital products and services can stay competitive and performant for as much as ten years between redesigns or replatforms. More than just bug fixes, we approach retainer arrangements as strategic partnerships designed to help grow your business.
Analysis and optimization
Advanced analytics consulting
Measure what’s meaningful, not what’s easy. By implementing metrics tied to your service or product’s strategic objectives, you can be more certain that your data-driven decision making is actually going to move the needle.
Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
We take a human-centered approach to CRO, believing that improving the user experience – for example, removing unnecessary friction, clarifying messaging, and explicitly connecting audience needs to your value proposition—is essential to shaping the right-sized funnel for your organization.
Brand loyalty grows out of considered, individual attention. We use quantitative and qualitative data to tailor communications across multiple content streams, building individual relationships with customers and improving conversion, retention, and growth.
Performance optimization
Taking a proactive approach to optimizing bids, budgets, frequency caps, creative, and more to zone in on a targeted KPI.
Marketing automation and AI
Serving up dynamic creative (in ads) and content (on a website) based on a user's behavior and predicted behavior, to move that user thru a conversion funnel.
Marketing and promotion
Search engine optimization (SEO)
You built it—make sure they come. Good keyword research, diligent compliance to standards, and UX best practices—not to mention just damn good content—will help you rise above.
Paid media marketing
We can support campaigns and awareness drives with targeted spend across all digital channels, including social, SEM, Google AdWords, and traditional banner ads, with detailed reporting on acquisition, conversion, and ROI.
Content marketing
To build community and loyalty, it’s critical to meet people where they are. We tailor content development and promotion on a case by case, channel by channel basis, leveraging cross-industry learnings to improve the efficacy of your outreach.
Programmatic advertising
Automated and real-time buying of ad impressions across networks to reach the right users with the right ad, at the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. Includes display ads, native ads, online video ads, Connected TV (CTV) ads, Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) and more.
Lead-generation strategies
Capturing and nurturing qualified leads is a delicate balance of targeted content, smart calls-to-action, and streamlined information exchange.