People First.

Happy Cog has been designing websites and digital experiences adhering to this principle since the Wild West days of the early web, when we were among the first to petition browser makers for what are now commonly accepted standards. To this day we continue to put these standards to use in new and novel ways.
new and novel ways.
We’re equally committed to a process that creates a lasting product. The web is a medium that can change quickly, and 18 years in this business have taught us a thing or two about making design last. We’re proud to claim work that has tolerated changes in taste and technology for greater than ten years — lifetimes, in web terms.
“People first” is not just a slogan. It’s an unambiguous ethic that instructs not only our work and studio culture, but the projects we choose to pursue. Our most rewarding experiences have been spent in collaboration with good people who have interesting problems, and to them – to you – our door is always open. .