work West Monroe

Authentic story, from the inside out

Aligning any large, multi-unit organization around a new vision is tough—and twice as tough if that organization happens to be your own. So when West Monroe, a $500m/year management and technology consulting firm, approached us to help bring their new ‘one firm’ brand mandate online, we understood exactly what they were asking for.


Finance and B2B

A website is never ‘just a website.’ For any organization it can be a cultural tentpole. Many different people have to share common ground and find agreement on priorities for a website to support the business as a strategic object (rather than brochureware). Working together in the open is often the best way to do this, as inviting stakeholder groups to participate in research and design can foster not only sympathy and understanding, but ultimately a lasting spirit of cross-discipline collaboration.

West Monroe proudly holds its people in a position of honor. Letting those values lead the way, we worked without walls, organizing multiple stakeholder groups from across the organization into a series of cumulative working sessions designed for cooperative storytelling. By leveraging the expertise and perspective of these cross-discipline teams we were able to more fully realize a clear, authentic brand story that united all lines of the business, better differentiated West Monroe among a dense competitive set, and demonstrated—by putting values into action—a leading example of the ‘one firm’ concept as a generative tool.