work Sartorius

Biopharma equipment supplier repositioned as a whole lab provider

A major international designer and manufacturer of lab equipment, Sartorius wanted to transform their site from mixed-up, self-service product catalog to transformative business development tool without inviting the process pains of a wholesale redesign.


Design, Brand, Strategy, and UX


Health and Wellness and Science

The existing site, while rich in content, demanded a certain level of expertise to make sense of it. Finding, comparing, and ultimately selecting the precise device or solution needed to plug into a drug or vaccine development process was a difficult and time-intensive task. The overly technical nature of the material was also a barrier, as a significant number of customers using the site to prepare estimates were lab managers who are less familiar with the subject matter than the scientists working in their lab. These managers often struggled to find what they needed, citing incomplete information and difficulty pinpointing key differences between potential options, prohibiting comparisons to competitors and costing Sartorius revenue.

Similarly buried were Sartorius’s multi-product solutions and services, an important differentiator and competitive advantage. Noting the opportunity, we re-structured the content and taxonomy to better serve common product discovery while simultaneously raising the awareness of packaged services and positioning Sartorius as a solutions provider. New menu systems and other interface enhancements create more fluid movement between sections, telling a fuller brand story and closing expected knowledge gaps. The end result is an experience that’s the best of both worlds, mutually beneficial to business and customer, with narrative shaped by user behavior rather than the reverse.

The most conspicuous change, a persistent, collapsible product and solutions finder, helps customers quickly locate products, solutions, and documentation specific to their particular business need. The tool returns targeted results, providing value to the user while recording the request to support personalization and marketing efforts.

Global navigation was aligned to how customers naturally thought about their needs. One who enters through industry often has a more general inquiry: they’re introduced to brief teaser content touching on all potential products and solutions relevant to that industry, highlighting Sartorius's considerable expertise and depth of offering. Approaching the content through research area or modality, however, is more narrow and technical; their experience is more specific but no more dense, with descriptions pared down to only what’s essential to assist comparisons.