Honoring National Nonprofit Day

Helping mission-driven organizations has shaped part of the core of our business for more than twenty years. Since this time last year, we’ve had the opportunity to help amplify the story of beleaguered grocery store workers, advocate for young women looking to become tech entrepreneurs, and champion the vital role of Central Park in New York City’s pandemic recovery.

While there are many nonprofits we’d like to thank for their trust and partnership over the years, today our hearts go out to the citizens of Haiti and the thousands of selfless aid workers who continue to risk their lives to restore health and human dignity to a nation desolated by natural disasters, colonialism, and resource exploitation. 

As you probably know, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck west of Port-au-Prince Haiti on Friday, destroying tens of thousands of homes and making travel between affected cities impossible. Aid efforts have been additionally hampered by Tropical Depression Grace, which brought flooding to the devastated region early this morning. 

We are proud supporters of Eden Reforestation Projects, who work with communities in Haiti – including Jacmel, among the areas hardest hit in Friday’s quake – to improve soil conditions, develop subsistence farming, and restore life-sustaining protective forest cover. 

Sadly, the earthquake in Haiti and the rains from tropical storm Grace have caused widespread devastation to people and lands. Aftershocks, mudslides, and torrential rains continue to threaten the progress they’ve made over the last ten years. 

“As of August 17, Eden team members in Haiti are all accounted for, but a few have lost loved ones and friends to the quake. Our hearts go out to all those who have lost a family member, friend, or neighbor,” Eden told us. 

Happy Cog is already making donations for National Nonprofit Day, and we hope you’ll consider supporting Eden as well. Their work is vital to Haiti’s long-term recovery.