In the News: How &pizza Serves Up a Secure Mobile Ordering Experience

&pizza app design

When the popular 40 location fast casual brand &pizza (our long time client) asked us to execute their ordering app’s redesign, customer security was a paramount priority. In a piece for, Kevin Blesy, Head of Strategy for &pizza, shares insights into mobile ordering security and discusses the newly launched and revised &pizza app.

Along with cooking up a fresh design and renewed rewards system, we helped &pizza meet their security goals by implementing tools to prevent data hacking and fraudulent purchases.

“We can see in a single pane all the order details and history associated with [a customer] and can verify whether an order was made or not,” Blesy said. “When you think about restaurant technology, it’s probably more disparate than technology in a lot of other industries in terms of the number of systems that don’t talk to each other well. We’ve made a concerted effort to make that integration so that folks on our side aren’t jumping between six or seven different platforms to try to understand if someone’s being truthful or not.”

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