Matt Weinberg Speaks at Cloudflare’s Connect NYC Conference

Matt Weinberg presenting at Cloudflare Connect

On November 6, Happy Cog’s President of Technology and Development Matt Weinberg had the privilege of speaking at Cloudflare’s Connect NYC Conference at the New York Stock Exchange. Matt spoke about the uses of serverless applications inside of companies and Cloudflare’s Workers platform. 

Many of our clients at Happy Cog use Cloudflare. Typically we introduce Cloudflare to clients as a solution that’s focused around speed and security. It’s a huge help in keeping sites fast and secure and also provides a number of products that can be useful in implementing the website or app logic.

Crowd at Cloudflare Connect event Matt Weinberg being interviewed  Crowd at Cloudflare Connect event

Some recent examples of our implementation of Cloudflare Workers for clients include a caching system to handle traffic spikes for a large publishing site, and hosting GatsbyJS static site generator files on Workers Sites.

If you are interested in learning more about Cloudflare and how it could work for you, contact us for details.