Implementation support

There are lots of things that are key to the successful implementation of a website or digital product. Overlooking even small details could have much bigger impacts on a successful launch.

Quality Control (QC) is crucial throughout the development, launch, and post-launch stages, and Happy Cog provides QC support as an integral part of our engagements. QC aims to identify (and correct) any potential defects in the finished product, including browser testing, functional testing, and basic unit testing. Each of these steps will ensure that the site will look and function as intended in modern browsers, across a variety of platforms.

Happy Cog also crafts detailed launch plans with our clients designed to maximize the effectiveness of a site rollout, such as creating a responsibility assignment matrix (RACI) defining the roles and responsibilities of team members on all sides, confirming testing procedures, ensuring infrastructure and hardware requirements are satisfied, identifying post-launch enhancements, and specifying marketing & PR details and responsibilities (press releases, social media & email pushes, etc.).

Our implementation planning also factors SEO considerations, including redirects, URL updates, XML sitemap creation, etc.