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Vector & Happy Cog. Together.

Today we’re announcing that Vector Media Group has acquired Happy Cog, weaving together two incredibly talented teams to further expand our offerings and reach. You’ll be hearing a lot more from us over the coming weeks and months about how we're combining forces, but in the meantime, we look forward to continuing to bring our passionate and imaginative ideas and solutions to life.

Vector & Happy Cog. Better together.

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Stakeholder interviews

As close to an automatic part of our project definition and/or research processes as there is, Happy Cog will conduct (and record) audio interviews with key individuals who have relevant perspectives contributing to the success of your project. We’ll confirm these individuals together. We’ll work together to define/revise our interview questions, and adjust for specific contexts. The interviews are typically 30-45 minutes in duration, and will be conducted by up to three practitioners. After each interview, we’ll transcribe them, reflect on important insights and alignment/disagreement, and capture key themes and takeaways via a stakeholder interview summary.