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When the award-winning Tim Walker needed to revamp his portfolio site, he tapped our team. Our developers created a content management system (CMS) that gave life to Tim’s multimedia-rich design.


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Create a Unified Framework and Design

For the past 15 years, Tim Walker, whose work can be seen at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London, has produced captivating photographic stills and moving film. After almost two decades, Tim was in great need of a portfolio site that matched his professional caliber. Partnering with designers Nick Spriggs and Kimiyo Nakatsui, and art director Ruth Ansel, known for her innovative work with Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, The New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, and House & Garden, a simple, yet elegant design was created.


Build a Custom CMS That Supports a Multitude of Large Media Files

Given the importance of details in Tim’s work, the final product would need to look pixel-perfect across all devices. So Tim’s team tapped our talented development team to build a custom portfolio website that would support his multimedia rich design and function beautifully. Our team diligently worked to perfect every detail of the minimalistic design and build a substantial framework would host both his previous and future projects.


Develop Custom Features to Meet Unique Client Needs

Knowing our clients would want full control over each aspect of the site, we worked to choose a CMS that’d be powerful, but still easy-to-use—eventually deciding on Craft. Craft is perfect for design-oriented clients who are very specific about their site's appearance. Most importantly, Craft is a straightforward CMS that allows us full flexibility to implement the client’s designs.


A Flawlessly Functioning, Custom Portfolio Website

Our developers were constantly communicating with the design team, working to create a strong and reliable site. To support Tim's multimedia rich experience, we built custom slideshows. The photo galleries showcased Tim's photography, flipbooks, magazine spreads, and moving image projects like a virtual museum exhibit. We also crafted custom animation for the logotype animation, specifically customizing timing, easing, and performance. The seamless, mobile-friendly progression between images was essential for creating a positive user experience.

Tim Walker is known for creating incredibly visceral and beautiful imagery. In our desire to create something deserving of his aesthetic, we needed a development partner who cared enough about their craft to call it a passion. Having collaborated with them on a variety projects, we knew they would live up to this standard and we would push each other to create something we're truly proud of.
Kimiyo Nakatsui