Happy Cog is proud to be an official Contentful Partner; our expertise makes us leaders in applications driven by Contentful’s CMS platform. Contentful is a Headless CMS that provides all the tools and capabilities to drive your content management and delivery – across all your digital platforms. Focus your resources on building great content; leave the worries about infrastructure to Happy Cog + Contentful CMS.

Our significant expertise deploying headless CMSes with front-end JavaScript frameworks like React, Next.js, Nuxt, Gatsby, Vue, Angular, and more allows our team to build lightning-fast applications at a high velocity. And our experience with Contentful means you’ll have a platform using modern technologies that will grow and scale with you.

Contentful At a Glance

Contentful gives numerous tools to curate your content and build better connections; it doesn’t have limitations on how you build your application or structure your content types. This separation of concerns improves the workflow for developers, content managers, and other roles in your company that need to interface with your data.


The Contentful API is available globally through a fast CDN, ensuring minimal latency wherever your content is served. With static JavaScript front-ends, that also leads to extremely quick build and deployment times. For images, Contentful offers a state-of-the-art ability to manipulate assets on the fly with the Images API.

Platform Flexibility

The flexibility of Contentful empowers our development team to build your application without constraint. Both GraphQL and RESTful responses are available. When using GraphQL, the schema is generated at the request time to ensure it is always up-to-date.

Customizable Content Editor

Edit content the way your company envisions with Contentful’s extensibility offerings. Custom frontend React apps and backend integrations can be added to enhance the content management experience to precisely match your unique requirements.

Multiple Channels

Build your content once, and it will be accessible to any channel, device, or audience. Reusability and scalability are addressed through structured, composable content that goes anywhere, anytime.


Like any service centered around data, security is paramount. Happy Cog developers are adept at building highly secure applications, including those used for regulated industries. Our staff is trained to take security into account from conception to deployment, implementing best practices at every opportunity.

Happy Cog’s Team Will Do It All

Happy Cog is a full-service digital agency, capable of taking your project from start to finish. Our web development team is experienced in building dynamic digital products that match your business goals to an immersive user experience.

We offer a full suite of services to identify business goals, design engaging products, develop those ideas into a reality, and then analyze and market those results to optimize your digital impact. Our analytics experts craft strategies to track consumer-centric, data-driven insights that align with your business goals. Every step of the way, our project managers will maintain an open dialogue to ensure you are satisfied with the direction.

React web applications, cross-platform mobile apps, and more: we have developers who are experts in delivering precisely what you’re looking for. Custom requirements are challenges that we take head-on, and the entire Happy Cog team has something to offer in order to get closer to those goals.

Happy Cog’s Contentful CMS Development Projects

Happy Cog has worked with premier companies such as Bentobox, Yoga International, and CAVA to build Contentful-powered apps that have a user experience to match. Read through the case study about our work with Yoga International on Contentful’s site to gain insight into what makes Happy Cog + Contentful the perfect pair.