Happy Cog has extensive expertise in implementing scalable and feature-rich Sanity products for our partners.

Utilizing Sanity.io, our developers are able to build engaging, dynamic content experiences and powerful business tools using modern best practices. Decoupling the front end from the CMS promotes user-centric workflows, unshackled from the constraints of a traditional CMS structure.

What is Sanity.io?

Sanity.io is a scalable, composable Headless CMS (content management system) that treats your content as structured data, creating and organizing pieces of content to deliver to all the applications and feeds that your brand uses.

Sanity.io Studio

Via Sanity Studio, our developers are able to build deeply customizable workspaces, block content editing, and collaboration tools to empower clients to be productive with any requirements.

With plugin creation through the Plugins API, our developers can insert Sanity customizations onto your site quickly and easily. Templates among numerous front-end frameworks, such as React, Vue, Angular, and Svelte, are available to kickstart any workflow.

Sanity.io Content Lake

Sanity.io stores your data in a content cloud known as the content lake, searchable by name, category, and custom dimensions. It also offers two APIs our engineers can connect to: the uncached live API that pulls newer data at a higher cost as well as the CDN-distributed, cached API. Most clients supply an outlet to switch providers depending on use case seamlessly.

How Happy Cog Leverages the Benefits of Sanity.io

Our developers have built countless platforms powered by Headless CMSes. Whether it’s your website, mobile app, syndication platform, or marketing material, Happy Cog has built a multichannel foundation to match.

The content structure of Sanity lets our web development experts facilitate multichannel delivery and localized content efficiently, adapting your content to all regions, areas, and demographics without sacrificing the coherency of your message. Third-party integrations provide access to external data and outreach to new audiences.

With custom workflows, Happy Cog can help you publish content on your own schedule and at your desired speed. We also take advantage of its features to allow multiple users to work simultaneously on the same content without fear of overwriting. Powering all of these features is a fully-managed, self-scaling cloud database out of the box.

Learn More About Sanity.io Development by Happy Cog

Happy Cog’s development team is experienced in creating fast and reliable applications using Headless CMS platforms like Sanity.io. We are unsatisfied with “good enough”, so we continue innovating to meet and exceed our clients’ exceptional standards.

No matter the size or scope of your business needs, Happy Cog will help you reach your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our development services and how we can build your next project together.