Dot All 2019 Recap

Check out highlights from the 2019 Craft CMS Dot All Conference.

We were grateful to be back at the Craft CMS Dot All Conference again this year as the official platinum sponsor. The Happy Cog team had a strong showing at the conference with a lineup of talks taking place at Montréal’s Phi Centre. Read on for updates from Craft and conference takeaways.

Craft Updates

During the Dot All 2019 opening keynote, Craft CEO Brandon Kelly delivered some exciting Craft updates. Check out Brandon’s full deck here.

Coming Soon From Craft

  • Craft 4
    • Work on Craft 4 is starting to ramp up.
    • Craft 4 will have features related to better accessibility in the control panel, collaboration, content modeling, and author experience.
  • Craft Cloud
    • Craft Cloud will make Craft a great choice for those who are looking for a headless CMS.
    • Craft is hoping to launch this sometime next year.

Excitement around Craft continues to build and we expect Craft Cloud to be a great entry point for sites to use Craft as a headless CMS. Wondering if a headless CMS is right for you? Read more here.

Happy Cog Presents

Thursday, September 19 – Allyssa Price & Nick Spriggs: Content Strategy or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Complex Site Structures

Representing Happy Cog’s design team, Nick and Allyssa shared their insights on how to bridge Content Strategy and the authoring experience in a CMS. Watch the full presentation here.

When creating a content strategy, it is important to define what the organization is NOT. Alyssa Price @happycog #DotAll19

— Carrie Hane (@carriehd) September 19, 2019

Friday, September 20 – Matt Weinberg: JAMstack for Agencies Lunch Session hosted by Netlify

During a lightning lunch session, our President, Technology & Development spoke about static site generators with Craft, Netlify, and the JAMstack. While Craft wasn’t originally built around the idea of providing a headless API for static frontends, recent improvements to the platform have made strides toward Craft being an ideal solution for this use case. Matt shared our real-life client experience with Craft powering a statically-generated site. Watch the full presentation here.

Friday, September 20 – Kyle Cotter: Crafting for the Author: 7 Principles for Improving Author Experience

As Happy Cog’s Author Experience Lead, Kyle knows a thing or two about Author Experience (AX). He shared key principles and real examples of how (AX) should inform the entire project from start to finish. Check out Kyle’s blog post for more on this topic. Watch the full presentation here.

7 principles on Author Experience from @KyleCotter, great talk!

1 Keep it Personal
2 Be Consistent
3 Be Proactive
4 Be Explicit
5 Be Prudent
6 Be Flexible
7 Make A Plan@happycog #dotall2019 #AX

— Nick Spriggs (@ncsfoo) September 20, 2019

Thanks to everyone at Craft for another successful conference!