New Cognition Post: Refreshing an Internal Tool

Check out our latest "Cognition" post about re-thinking an internal tool.

Over at our industry blog, Cognition, software engineer Ben Carr has written a great new post called “Refreshing an Internal Tool”. It goes through the process and challenges of being our own client for Ben’s rebuild of a custom internal tool (our “Sprint Tool”) that our staff uses very frequently. It also reviews some of the internal feedback we got, and how we decided to prioritize and address each point.

From his post:

Everyone agreed that a fresh coat of paint would be nice, but more interesting ideas started to flow when the tool was a little more top-of-mind. A collective focus, and direct team feedback were the key drivers in deciding what would be the most impactful changes we could make to the tool we use so regularly.

That transition from feedback to features is something we tackle regularly in our client work, so it was fun to have our team play both sides and decide what the tool would become. Here’s a few examples of how we made that transition and transformed this tool.

Being our own client for an internally-used product was an interesting process, and Ben did a great job with it. You can read his whole post here!