Watch: Happy Cog + &pizza at DX3 USA 2021

Matt Weinberg and Michael Lastoria talked about the innovations driving the future of the retail industry and how brands can adapt digitally during this must-see fireside chat.

DX3 is the largest conference in the USA dedicated to retail, marketing, and technology. This year, Happy Cog Co-Founder and President, Development and Technology Matt Weinberg was joined on the virtual stage by our inspiring client, Michael Lastoria, Co-Founder and CEO of &pizza. &pizza has over 50 locations and is touted as one of the most innovative fast casual restaurant chains in existence today. We have very much enjoyed our partnership with &pizza for the past five years and counting and are proud to be instrumental in their innovation and overall growth and success today.

During their session, “The Reinvention of Retail: How Marketers Can Dominate in 2022,” the two spoke about the innovations impacting the restaurant space and the ways that &pizza has adapted through technology and digital innovation. Watch their 30-minute fireside chat.