What’s Going On: June 2021

Summer is here and things are heating up. See what the Happy Cog team has been up to over the past month.

@Mentions: In The News

What does the death of the third-party cookie mean for e-commerce?, The Drum
What does the death of the third-party cookie mean for e-commerce? Happy Cog Co-Founder and President, Digital Marketing Lee Goldberg shared his thoughts on the subject matter. Read on.

Case Study: Happy Cog + ProPublica, Cloudflare
ProPublica is a non-profit, independent newsroom with a focus on investigative journalism. It has a moral focus targeted at exposing abuse of power and betrayal of public trust. To ensure their website is at its best for its readers, ProPublica partnered with Happy Cog. Read on.

Matt Weinberg on Reimagining the Office, Campaign US Vaccinations against COVID-19 are ramping up across the country. But while the world is anxious to get back to normal, the new normal looks different. So much so, every agency has its own approach to reimagining the office. See what Matt had to say about Happy Cog. Read on.

Recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month

The month of May marked Mental Awareness Month, which seeks to fight stigma, provide support, educate the public, and advocate for policies that support people with mental illness and their families.

At Happy Cog, we are learning everyday the importance of supporting one another and the small gestures that can change the course of someone’s day. We all have work commitments, we have to juggle family life and our “new normal,” and, at times, it can feel so overwhelming. With that in mind, we put together a 45-minute interactive session with The Meditation Lab on the principles and practices of mindfulness and meditation.

Our Women’s Networking Group was also treated to a special session about philanthropy with our client last month. Erin Williams, program director at the Global Fund for Women, discussed some of the principles and practices to support women who want to understand philanthropic work as well as how to get involved.

Case Study: Yoga International

After the pandemic began and more people were spending time at home, Yoga’s online user base spiked. To ensure they could keep up with the growing demand, Yoga partnered with Happy Cog to implement a headless CMS that would power its website, mobile apps, and streaming TV apps; integrate a decoupled GatsbyJS frontend using GraphQL; modernize and optimize their auto-scaling AWS architecture; and import a decade’s worth of user data and content — all with zero downtime.

View the case study.

Case Study: &pizza

When the pandemic hit the U.S. last March, &pizza shifted all of its transactions to digital channels. Even after its physical locations began to reopen, the majority of orders still came using digital platforms we built. As a result of our efforts, &pizza saw its highest digital sales ever amidst the pandemic.

View the case study.

Cognition: What We’re Thinking

A Mountain of Unknown
By Ben Carr, Developer
The staggering pace of growth and change in tools, technologies, and capabilities is one of the most exciting and daunting aspects of the web. Ben writes about working through many unknowns and making measurable progress along the way. Read on.

Preparing for Google’s Core Web Vitals Update
By Sabrina Patrizio, Manager, SEO
In the SEO world, we don’t always have time to prepare when Google makes algorithmic changes. So, it’s no wonder that SEO practitioners everywhere have been focused on Google’s biggest announcement of the past year: the page experience ranking factor based on Core Web Vitals metrics. Read on.

The Benefits of Container Queries By Rob McFadden, Web Developer
Rob takes a look at what container queries are, why they are needed, and provides a quick and simple container query solution that you can use today if you need them before they are ready for production. Read on.

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