What’s Going On: November 2021

There’s a lot to be thankful for this month. See what the Happy Cog team has been up to below!

Blue Beanie Day 2021: ‘Accessibility is Everyone’s Job’

Nov. 30th marked the annual celebration of Blue Beanie Day, named after the blue beanie worn by Happy Cog Founder Emeritus Jeffrey Zeldman on the front cover of his Designing With Web Standards book. The book is considered hugely important and influential in our industry and helped drive the push toward modern and accessible HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In honor of this special day, Happy Cog Design Director Dana Pavlichko reflects on the importance of modern web standards and accessibility on our Cognition blog.

Happy Cogsgiving!

We’re thankful for our amazing team who goes above and beyond every single day for our clients and partners. The success of Happy Cog would not be possible without you! (Pictured above: some of the HC NYC team carrying on our annual ‘Cogsgiving’ tradition this year.)

Case Study: Reducing AWS Infrastructure Costs by 40%

Since 2012, Happy Cog has worked with Yoga International to transform and adapt its brand for the digital world. First, with its transition from print to online, and second, through the creation of its mobile app for iOS and Android. And most recently, helping Yoga International transition to an API-first content management platform using Contentful. Read the case study here.

Case Study: Intranet for a Globally Distributed Workforce

When the pandemic lockdown began in March 2020, thousands of organizations found themselves moving to a fully remote model overnight. To ensure culture and communication could grow in this new environment, we custom designed and built an intranet solution for a global consulting firm to unite their now distributed workforce around a common set of tools and resources. Read more here.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, and for the past 30 years, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) has supported women by helping them get access to the education, screening, and support they need. Our HC Women’s Group made a donation in honor of the month to support this very important organization.

Getting to Know: Paul + Oka

For the month of November, we featured Paul Phan and Oka Tai-Lee in our latest “Getting to Know” series. Make sure to check them out!

Read more here about Paul.

Read more here about Oka.

Cognition: What We’re Thinking

Using Headless Craft CMS to Send Mobile Push Notifications
By Eli Van Zoeren, Web Developer
Happy Cog recently created a headless Craft CMS project for a client that also sends push notifications to the site’s subscribers’ iOS and Android devices. Happy Cog Web Developer Eli Van Zoeren explains how. Read on.

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