Vector is now Happy Cog

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After careful evaluation and auditing of a client’s existing technology landscape,we’ll provide our recommendations to the existing infrastructure, or possible alternative platforms.

We care as much about how your website is built as how it’s designed. But there’s more to craftsmanship than just the code. Ultimately, the way we code is about people: people who’ll use your site from anywhere, on any device. Web standards, accessibility, responsive design, progressive enhancement, and performance budgeting are core tenets of our work that are rarely visible, but ones which can make the difference between success and failure. We filter all our work through a quality control methodology that ensures a consistent interaction experience across different browsers and devices.

Our implementation is developed with the content manager in mind. Because the project team will own the system and its governance, we prepare the team with thoroughly CMS training sessions before the close of the project with the option of monthly implementation support packages.