Technology assessment

All too often, organizations choose their web, marketing, sales, and ecommerce technologies before considering the impacts or limitations they place on the overall digital user experience. Or, if those decisions have already been made, they’re unsure how they’ll dovetail with a website redesign effort.

By performing a technical approach assessment, Happy Cog intimately acquaints ourselves with your existing technology landscape, including what impacts your content management system (CMS), enterprise resource planning system (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) have in the overall design system we’re creating. Our assessment will also examine what application programming interfaces (APIs) we’ll have access to, as well as what modules and/or plugins are available for publishing systems to facilitate data exchange and synchronization between systems. Happy Cog will also examine existing server and hosting configurations in order to identify areas in which improvements can be made, using techniques and best practices that work in lockstep with the recommended publishing platform and associated technologies. We’ll consider the advantages of implementing HTTP accelerators such as Varnish to impact site performance, as well as Apache Solr for search and indexing.