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Long-time clients leveraging more of what Happy Cog has to offer

After their website received a recent overhaul, long-time clients Greentech Media (a division of Wood Mackenzie) came to us to bring their corresponding iOS app up to speed. Focusing on heightened security, we were able to rebuild much of the iOS app with several added and improved features to match the quality and design of their main website experience.


Development, and Engineering




Execute a Comprehensive iOS App Experience with Simple User Friendly Navigation

Greentech Media’s new website design called for a full revamping of their iOS app. When our team implemented the new app design, we ensured that the navigation was simpler, the in-app browser experience was sleek and fully functional, and the app was able to to be updated effortlessly.


Build a Secure and Responsive App That Stays Updated

Using the latest iOS security best-practices, we ensured that every new piece of code was of the utmost quality and up to date.

By building a custom API wrapper around Greentech’s ExpressionEngine website (which we also built), we ensured that the app would pull in content from the company’s main site as it is updated, without editors having to publish in multiple places. Additionally, the app needed to be responsive across all mobile devices. To ensure the full site would work on any screen,  our in-house QA team carefully checked all device sizes, resolutions, and supported OS versions.


Involve the Client in the Process

Since Greentech Media is a long term client, our relationship has become increasingly collaborative. As the development team built new test beta versions of the project, they were immediately sent over to Greentech Media to involve them in the process. By involving the company in every step of the process, they were able to see how we fixed any and all bugs in real time. They were also able to keep senior members of their team in the loop to provide instant feedback. We believe in the value of communication in order to fulfill and exceed our clients’ expectations.


A Beautifully Redesigned App That Includes a Seamless In-App Browser Experience

The Greentech Media iOS app is beautiful, secure, and user friendly. The home page is complete with a new featured article at the top that is updated automatically via built in website integration. The in-app browser experience is simple and features the main content that is most important to the user experience. Analytics were incorporated into the app so the client is able to easily monitor the app’s performance post-development. The rebuilt iOS app reflects the updated design of Greentech Media’s website and ensures that mobile app users have a nice, uncrowded experience that is visually appealing and works like a charm.