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That’s the powerful message of Housing Works. Started in 1990 by four members of ACT UP, the organization focuses its efforts on the homeless men, women, and children of New York City who live with HIV or AIDS.

Awestruck from our first meeting—as well as every other one—with the amazing staff, we were eager to help Housing Works move closer to its goals. From the start, we knew our task was to enable the staff to spread the message as best we could. Firsthand accounts are extremely powerful testaments to the need for Housing Works. By extending Expression Engine, we constructed an easy way for Housing Works’ clients to contribute their own stories and experiences to the website.

Straight out of the Housing Works 2008 Annual Report: “We’re using the tools of the digital revolution to fight AIDS and help empower our clients, staff, and supporters… The new Housing Works website will accurately reflect the thriving, healing Housing Works community. Instead of the ominous color palette of the old site, the new will feature warm colors, inspiring photographs, and plenty of client stories to remind staff, clients, and the public who we’re working so hard to help, and why.”


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Our vendor relationship with Happy Cog is among the best work experiences I’ve enjoyed. Happy Cog is without peer in the internet space.
Chris Sealey, VP Marketing and Communications, Housing Works

With an abundance of compelling stories of tragedy, hope, and home, it was inevitable that the new Housing Works website highlight its human side. The organization’s inspiring photography allowed us to show actual people who serve and have been served through this powerful and truly life-changing initiative.

Happy Cog supports and admires the important work of Housing Works. We are honored to have helped this transformative organization work its good in the world and extend its vital message of hope.