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Long-time digital marketing client

Building on previous successes as an ongoing client, Marlo Beauty Supply relied on Happy Cog to effectively target their site’s traffic in order to convert more leads into customers. As a beauty supply company that sells only to licensed cosmetologists, we ensured that more qualified leads were directed to Marlo Beauty Supply’s website, resulting in a much higher lead conversion rate.




Comb Analytics for Audience Insights

By closely monitoring Marlo Beauty Supply’s website analytics, we were able to find ineffective keywords that were driving unqualified traffic to their site. Since Marlo sells only to licensed cosmetologists, many general keywords were sending retail beauty supply customers to the site. Lacking a cosmetology license, these users couldn’t make a purchase - so they weren’t converting. To solve this problem, we refined the copy. The team implemented new messaging on the site and in paid search ads, such as: “For Licensed Cosmetologists Only” and “Public Not Welcome”. This not only turned away unqualified traffic, it appealed more to visitors with professional cosmetology licenses. They felt like part of an elite group, and they knew that Marlo’s site was meant just for them.

We also redesigned the Marlo Beauty Supply homepage and several product category pages. Using attribution modeling technology, we developed and implemented a model that moved beyond the “last touch”, allowing us to track which channels and campaigns were successfully introducing people into the sales funnel. A/B testing helped us to optimize the copy on landing pages and in calls to action, exposing users to keywords strategically targeted at each phase of the buying process -- further improving conversion rates.


Implementing New PPC Strategies to Build on Organic Success

With low-performing leads reduced, we were able to craft new PPC marketing strategies to connect with quality visitors, driving site-wide conversions and sales. Combining our acquired knowledge from our PPC efforts to guide the organic strategy, we introduced programmatic remarketing into Marlo Beauty Supply’s paid mix.

Our online revenue outpaced our former brick-and-mortar sales due in part to the support of our team. Their search strategies are proven and result in bottom-line sales.
Ingmar Korstanje, President, Marlo Beauty Supply

We used automatic real time bidding in paid search to find the most efficient times of day to bid for each keyword, and were able to retarget prospective customers with dynamic product ads across web, mobile, and social channels.

We launched new Google Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns based on audience data and lookalike modeling to grow Marlo’s targeted audience. By closely monitoring any and all changes to Marlo’s site and being strategic when spending their money on paid ads, we combined the benefits of SEO and PPC to dramatically improve Marlo’s lead conversions.


More Licensed Visitors and More Transactions

The results of our work with Marlo Beauty Supply were astounding. The Marlo Beauty Supply website saw both a higher volume and higher quality of traffic, with visitors spending more. Marlo Beauty Supply was thrilled with the results, which included:

  • 141% gain in organic-search conversion
  • 124% increase in organic traffic, with a 62% increase in organic revenue
  • 77% increase in paid-search conversions
  • 75% increase in revenue attributed to paid search
  • 46% increase in new-to-file (NTF) customers, while maintaining a consistent average order value (AOV)
  • 32% increase in overall online revenue, year over year (YoY)

By implementing attribution modeling technology, Marlo saw an increase in the number of transactions on their site, while their return on ad spend (ROAS) has risen dramatically to over 1800%. On top of increasing revenue from online purchases, Marlo saw a 20% increase in catalog requests and a 50% increase in email signups. We’re confident that Marlo will continue to see beautiful results from our efforts for years to come.