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The National Constitution Center (NCC), located on Philadelphia’s historic Independence Mall, is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing public understanding of the U.S. Constitution and the ideas and values it represents. It is the home of the world’s only interactive history museum devoted to the U.S. Constitution, and continually hosts the world’s most recognized politicians.

A quick round-up of daily news in the United States demonstrates clearly that the Constitution permeates political discourse, so there is no shortage on daily content. We partnered with the content strategy experts at Technically Media to architect and design a state-of-the-art blog called The Constitution Daily to provide an online daily analysis of current events, viewed through the lens of the United States Constitution.

With the unique position of being able to tap into The Center’s visitors, content contributors are able to get the unique perspective of the news makers who pass through, creating newsworthy content in an of itself. In addition, the blog allows Constitutional scholars a public forum to add depth to current events across many active issues.

A goal of the design was to prompt users to take the next step with issues that strike a chord. We incorporated a “Take Action” module, which prompts visitors to join the conversation, contact elected officials, or volunteer with a charity or nonprofit.


There were more than 40 issue topics, ranging from the 1st Amendment to Healthcare, that we identified for content classification when our project began. The site is built in a way that will allow content contributors to continue to add to that list as issues arise.


Our "take action" module


Political discourse online can be tricky; for every well-crafted, civilized comment, there can be five negative comments that do not necessarily impact the conversation in a positive way. In order to facilitate smart discussion without a full-time moderator on staff, we were tasked to implement some features to reward good behavior and useful comments.