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Branding and strategy for a global nonprofit

Technovation was looking for a bold, new brand identity to represent their global tech education nonprofit that inspires girls and families to be leaders and problem solvers in their lives and their community. With a new look and a comprehensive content strategy, we helped Technovation tell their story and create a foundation for the future.


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Establish a New Brand Identity

Our task was to strategize and execute a rebrand of Technovation, bringing their disparate program identities together under one cohesive parent brand. This endeavor included establishing a brand architecture and redesigning their existing website. Technovation also looked to us for guidance on how to best tell their brand story in the context of their new website.

Build a Solid Foundation

Technovation was looking to bring its three divergent brands for children and families together under one new unified brand. The goal was to give each program flexibility in its visual system while remaining consistent with the parent brand. We wanted Technovation's new look to be unique and to stand out in the nonprofit sector. We aimed to increase transparency on the new site so that it would be immediately clear who Technovation is, what programs they offer, and how they make a positive impact on communities.

Technovation was also looking for a website that was flexible and easy to use so that they would be able to continue to develop additional pages and content on their own in the future.

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Design, Strategize, and Advise

We took a holistic approach when setting out to create the new Technovation brand identity. By interviewing external and internal stakeholders, we were able to translate what we heard into fundamental solutions. We merged our client’s existing marketing strategy with our brand strategy in order to come up with six key brand attributes that would set the tone for the entire brand system. In creating the new logotype, our strategy was to embody the six brand attributes and create a system that offers brand hierarchy and flexibility. 

Regarding content strategy, we advised Technovation on how to best structure their content and how to manage content creation moving forward. As soon as the user lands on the homepage, we’ve made it clear what Technovation is and what programs they offer. By surfacing details about the programs as well as stats about Technovation’s impact on the homepage, visitors get a clear and strong first impression of the brand without having to do a deep dive for more information. To reiterate the organization’s global nature, we added quotes throughout the site to showcase the voice of the community across the organization.

We guided their team through content strategy for the impact and research pages as well. We worked on shifting the conversation away from "what we do" as an organization to “what our community does.” It was important to show the organization’s impact through a statistical lens and to highlight the impact and scalability of the solutions the program participants create. For the Impact page, we suggested adding research studies to combine personal stories with scientific content. 

For any future content creation and program additions, we created modular elements and tools to set the Technovation team up for success and ease.

A Beautiful New Look and a Clear Message

Technovation’s brand system now represents the organization’s new direction in an exciting and innovative way. The flexibility of the website gives the client the freedom to create new pages using a modular approach. By simplifying the way they present their impact, important information is amplified and more transparent. With our guidance, Technovation now has a unique strategy in the nonprofit marketplace and the right content to help them connect with their partners and prospective program participants.