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Multi-year partnership

Vitamin Angels is a nonprofit organization that fights malnutrition by delivering vitamins to children in the hardest to reach places around the world. It is essential to the organization that the vast amount of information on their website is interesting and easy to find in order to drive donations to fund their work.


Social Impact


Building a Website That Uses Visual Elements to Create Emotional Value

Along with design partners Breedlove Creative, we set out to make Vitamin Angels’ website have the same visual and emotional impact as Vitamin Angels itself has on the world. When the organization’s work is conveyed in a way that allows users to form an emotional connection, they are more likely to engage.


Using Big Visual Moments to Tell Personal Stories

We were able to utilize the ExpressionEngine® CMS platform to create visually rich page designs that take users around the world. We built interactive infographics that create an emotional connection to the work done by Vitamin Angels, including telling the stories of the children whose lives they touch. The site is fully integrated with Salesforce Customer Relationship management (CRM) software, so the team at Vitamin Angels is able to organize and track potential leads and customize marketing to improve customer engagement.


Helping the Client Take Charge of Their Own Content

Vitamin Angels needed a flexible CMS to integrate with their existing marketing analytics tools that would empower them to take charge of their own content. The modular CMS tools that our development team created for them enables the organization to create and customize new pages with ease. The ability to utilize rich media assets, including high quality photos and videos, allows the organization to create an immersive and connected experience, telling great stories and urging users to donate.


A High-Performance Site That Communicates Charitable Work and Drives Donations

We implemented several visual elements that allow multiple audience segments and cohorts to connect with information, personalize their user experience, and see the global effects of their engagement. The result is an adaptable, high-performance site that conveys Vitamin Angels’ message, mission, and success stories while effectively driving donations for the organization.