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Healthcare network website redesign

Like many large institutional sites, had evolved wildly over the years, resulting in an experience that was difficult to use with content structures based on the health system’s internal organization, rather than in a way users would understand. Happy Cog collaborated with a range of Einstein stakeholders to build consensus around prioritizing patients’ and caregivers’ needs in the redesign. As a result, pathways to critical content, such as finding a doctor, scheduling an appointment, and locating visitor information were made more prominent. A persistent Patients & Visitors link was provided as a one-stop-shop for anyone wishing to visit a loved one at one of Einstein’s centers.


Brand, Design, Development, Strategy, and UX


Health and Wellness

Forms like “Find a Doctor” were made simpler and now require only essential information. Finally, Happy Cog partnered with Einstein’s CMS implementation partner to create template deliveries that met its needs while maintaining Web Standards and deep accessibility.

The highest praise this project received was the internal view within Einstein that with “Happy Cog’s help… we have been able to start some real changes… it’s made a major difference and trickles down to other things, but it started with a progressive approach to the web.”