work Americas’ SAP Users’ Group

Members-only user group and digital resource platform for SAP customers

Millions of people use SAP products everyday to run their businesses. They are united through ASUG, SAP’s American members-only user group and digital resource platform. ASUG came to us with a number of technical and logistical challenges, and knew we were the ideal partner to build their new site on Craft CMS. We partnered with Siegel+Gale to bring their strategic vision to life through new features and resources for ASUG’s member base.



Interactive membership dashboard

ASUG was interested in shifting their web presence from static informational content to a digital resource that members would want to come back to again and again. By moving the core of the experience to a logged-in dashboard, we were able to bring more value to users and address their needs directly. Users can save content to their library, join specialized groups with other members, register for events, and more. Centralizing these user resources has had a direct impact on KPIs, including reduced bounce rates, increased time spent on page, and increased number of sessions per visitor.

Visual cues to ease transition to new platform

ASUG was worried that their members would not take to the new and improved dashboard easily; we see this often when launching something new, no matter how much of a step forward it is. The solution here was a “virtual tour” on the new website that would automatically scroll the user through the dashboard and explain key elements with short, direct messaging. When we develop these types of tours, we have to walk a fine line between useful explanation and aggravating users who aren’t interested. The final product is simultaneously useful and respectful, and helped reduce the friction that often comes with releasing something new to an established user base.

Dynamic content personalization and lead generation

Being a membership platform, ASUG wasn’t short on data about their user base. With this latest iteration of the website, we implemented a series of personalized content tools that would surface tailored content to whoever was logged in. For anonymous users, content “gates” can be toggled on/off in the CMS that encourage users to register for membership in order to view key content. We integrated with HubSpot, allowing leads to flow from the website directly into ASUG’s lead management flow and CRM. The platform is simultaneously a useful resource to members and a marketing tool to increase engagement and membership revenue.

Keeping past events alive automatically

Many organizations struggle with how to balance showing future events to prospective attendees, and keeping past events pages online for future visitors. We developed an automated system that would cycle past events into a workflow where they would be preserved in a more useful state for visitors. Once an event is over, it automatically comes off the calendar, goes to a library of past events, is available in search results, and any media from the event (images, video, etc.) can be preserved. Further, the URL redirection is added by default to preserve SEO value while keeping the upcoming events list free of clutter.

Streaming data migration with zero downtime

The new platform had a lot of new content and features, but also included content that was preserved from the former iteration of the site. We merged the content together into a single Craft CMS install, including user account information and other “live” data that members had control over, such as user profile data. We followed a technique that we typically employ in situations where production data is constantly changing: we regularly migrated content during development from the “live” source, and did a final “catch-up” streaming migration as part of the launch process. All data was preserved when we flipped the switch and launched the new experience, without unexpected downtime or interruption of service for members.

Two teams coming together

Although Happy Cog led the development effort for the Craft CMS website, we always welcome working with external partners. The ASUG project was another successful collaboration with Siegel+Gale, who led strategic rebranding and visual design. We worked seamlessly together, alongside the ASUG team, to bring the new platform to life. Our collaborative and transparent approach has led us to repeated success, and is the cornerstone of our continued work with ASUG beyond this initial launch.