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Design and content strategy for a global law firm

In 2018, U.S.-based Bryan Cave and London-based Berwin Leighton Paisner merged to become Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (BCLP), a fully integrated global law firm with more than 1,400 lawyers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. With the merger, came the need for a website redesign and content strategy to showcase how the newly combined firm offers the best of both worlds. Happy Cog stepped in to make this happen and create a strong, unified brand.


Design, Brand, Development, Strategy, and UX




Create a Unified Brand

As part of the merger process, BCLP was in need of a website that reflected the combined strengths of the two firms. Our task was to merge the existing brands and experiences in both an aesthetic sense and regarding the site’s content. It was essential that BCLP have one brand language to tell their story and convey the value of the new joint firm to their existing and potential clients.

Strategic Approach

Prioritize Essential Information

Regarding site content, we helped BCLP organize their content to effectively illustrate the firm’s expertise. On the landing page, we focused on leading with bite-sized content and statistics to promptly showcase who BCLP is and what they do best. To bring in a human element, we prioritized including a “people” section on the landing page in order to give clients a glimpse at who makes up the BCLP team. Essentially, we helped combine content from both sites by boiling things down to the basics and presenting the most important information in a clean, consistent, and thoughtful manner throughout the entire BCLP site. This also conforms to conversion behaviors within the law firm vertical. Some clients wish to see specific experience, while others contact attorneys directly. Our team created the right balance between brand and conversion to create a unique experience that still focuses on lead generation and gave BCLP a business tool for their attorneys, marketing, and brand teams.


Design Thoughtfully

Throughout our design process, our team worked with the software firm, RubensteinTech. Our Designers worked closely with the RubensteinTech team to ensure that our designs worked well within the RubyLaw platform. We also designed to ensure a seamless mobile experience. Ahead of the official site launch, we created a joint landing page for BCLP so they could announce the merger and inform their existing and potential clients of the firm’s current status while the main site was being developed. This allowed the joint firm to start generating leads immediately while educating their clients on the benefits of the merger.


A Successfully Merged Brand

BCLP now has a fully-integrated website that reflects the best of the firm’s merged advantages. The site gives clients a succinct, yet bold impression of the new brand and what BCLP has to offer. The BCLP team also has a site structure in place that allows them to build out content should the need arise in the future.