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Think tank redesign and identity update

In response to the world economic crisis, economic theorists convened to discuss innovative economic theory. The result was a commitment to accelerate new ideas and replace outdated, inadequate theory. The Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) was born—a think tank comprised of Nobel laureates, visionary economics academics, and leading theorists.


Finance and Social Impact

INET’s mission evolved into a convention of ideas in a new content-fueled online community, in addition to an international series of conferences. While INET’s ideas are global, and the quantity of content ever-expanding, INET's digital product team is a small group. We were charged with building the tools they needed to publish big ideas.

We completely rebuilt the UX, reinventing the structure around INET’s ideas with a content strategy forged in Craft, our go-to CMS. We modeled content through intuitive architecture, and content relationships established among throughout Craft allow for deep search filtering by author, topic, and region—driving recirculation and discovery from idea to idea, responsively on all screens.

We also implemented inline guidelines and instructions to the Craft back-end. An INET staffer can learn from our annotations, even as they extend it.

I think there’s a personal touch with this organization, and a commitment to research and really inhabiting the world of the client, that is hard to find in any organization. Particularly in the digital realm.
Chris Sealey, INET

INET's brand guidelines were sparse. We created guidelines and developed custom art direction for INET’s Young Scholars sub-brand, built mindful of INET's time, resources, and capabilities.