work Jovia

Interactive website design and Craft CMS build

With NEFCU’s transition into its new brand identity as Jovia Financial Credit Union came the need for an all-new website. Our team designed and developed Jovia’s new website on Craft CMS, implementing their new brand framework. Equipped with custom features and interactive elements, we set Jovia up for their future in personalization.



Build an All-New Website

As NEFCU changed its name to Jovia Financial Credit Union and made the transition to a fresh aesthetic, they looked to Happy Cog for our expertise in web design, development, and SEO. The goal was for us to develop the website using the new Jovia brand framework, which was created by the agency Branding Business. Although we did not design the brand elements, we did provide expert guidance to shift the brand colors, bringing them up to standards for accessibility on the web. This is something we strive for in every project as we consider accessibility to be a high priority (at minimal to zero cost) to the client. And critically, launching the new brand meant moving the existing NEFCU site to a new domain which could have an impact on organic traffic, an important source of prospects and customers for NEFCU.

Lay the Groundwork for Success

In creating the new site, we set Jovia up for their future in personalization. We set out to equip the Jovia team with the building blocks for taking their business to the next level. Within the site, we incorporated stories from members of the credit union in order to build the sense of community that Jovia was seeking. The site is designed to serve the Long Island, NY community, yet has the capacity and framework to expand to other markets. To add to the sense of customization within the community, the interactive site features questions about where customers are in their personal finance journey.

Regarding our technical approach, we optimized the animations and illustrations created by Sebastian Curi in a way that would ensure quick page loading. Highlighting the illustrations was a core part of our strategic framework in designing the site.

From an SEO perspective, we used this time to understand the competitive landscape, identify the important keywords and start planning SEO metadata and content to capitalize on NEFCU’s strengths when it came to organic search results.

Create an Interactive Experience

Our design team designed the website experience within Jovia’s brand framework and our developers incorporated the new content and built the site from scratch on Craft CMS. We built the site to reflect Jovia's newly established brand personality traits: fresh, friendly, grounded. We also implemented Algolia-powered search and thanks to Craft's flexibility, we created custom features such as the rate charts and "Earnings Estimator" sliders. The features were built with interactivity in mind to give current and potential customers the ability to easily find and explore the resources that apply to them.

Built for SEO

Our SEO team worked closely with the Jovia team to create and optimize content. We also developed and implemented a redirect strategy from old NEFCU pages to pages on the Jovia site to ensure the site launch was smooth and minimize the impact of changing to a brand new domain name.

A Boost in Conversions

Early indicators show that in its first month, the new website saw a 55% boost in conversions compared to the previous month’s performance on the existing site. The site also performed 70% better in October 2019 than in October 2018. With the success of the new website, a continued partnership with Jovia is on the horizon and we have additional work with Jovia in the pipeline.