work VyprVPN

A hyper-flexible Craft CMS solution

VyprVPN was in need of a flexible CMS to support the design of their new website, that enabled them to have total control of their site. Our team set out to give them one of our most pliable Craft CMS setups to date.




Enable Total Control

The VyprVPN team looked to Happy Cog to complete the website launch and for potential guidance on future front-end development support. Our team was tasked with suggesting a completely flexible content builder and developing it with adaptability in mind.


A Fully Customizable Setup

VyprVPN wanted to create a new site experience that was easy and intuitive for their marketing team to use. The goal was to choose an extremely flexible CMS that would allow their team to make changes without developer support. They were also looking to be able to make a wide variety of website updates using the CMS only. In addition, the site needed to be multilingual and it required the ability to circumvent international firewalls in areas where secure internet services are restricted or prohibited.


Crafting a Specialized Author Experience

Our Author Experience Lead crafted a flexible author experience for the VyprVPN team. We created a roadmap document to support VyprVPN’s request to build the site based on patterns and modules vs individual templates. The setup of their new Craft CMS allowed them to use flexible modules when creating content. We provided them the ability to create and generate color palettes and button styles on the fly, and these palettes were reusable across the site. We also implemented custom fields to allow the client to adjust spacing and text sizing on various components of their site. We created a "default look" based on the website's design and enabled their team to customize the appearance of each element.

19 0619 homepage


Complete Flexibility

VyprVPN’s site was migrated to Craft CMS and has all the flexibility their team desired. The new site allows for content management, modular design, a custom layout builder, in-CMS visual design capabilities, and unified editable color schemes. This gave their team one of the most flexible Craft setups we've ever done at Happy Cog. On top of that, the site is accessible from hundreds of domain names, is multilingual, and is available via a content delivery network (CDN) for global reach.