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An engaging user experience and rebrand for a top Silicon Valley law firm

We partnered with Wilson Sonsini, one of the top Silicon Valley law firms, to modernize their brand and redesign their website. Alongside Rubenstein Tech, we created a result that combines cutting edge style with thoughtful and structured content to accurately convey their rich, storied history and their ongoing work with innovative startups


Brand, Design, Development, Strategy, and UX



Re-imagine a top Silicon Valley law firm’s brand and website

Wilson Sonsini has ensured the growth and development of tech giants like Google, Tesla, and Netflix. Because of successes like these, they needed to position themselves as more than a Silicon Valley law firm and to differentiate themselves from their competitors. We were tasked with strategizing their brand, modernizing their look and feel, and improving their website experience. The results assert their position as a top tech and life sciences law firm.

Learning about a storied history to create a cutting edge future

We immersed ourselves in the Wilson Sonsini world to glean as much information as we could from their internal and external stakeholders. Our discovery process included interviews, onsite workshops for design and strategy, and hours of desk research. Throughout this process, we even heard an internal desire for a firm name change.

With our findings top of mind, we worked on the brand and website in tandem to create a cohesive new look. Our goal was to tell their impressive story and convey their trusted position in the field while still appealing to young, new startups. With our strategy-backed approach, we swiftly received organizational buy-in on the “Wilson Sonsini” name and the re-imagined brand.

We revolutionized Wilson Sonsini’s digital presence by improving the overall user experience, circulation of content, mobile browsing, and design. We wanted to give their present and future clients, internal team members, and potential recruits a reason to visit the site and find exactly what they need, quickly.

We worked alongside RubensteinTech to bring the site to life. The layered elements and depth within the designs lend themselves beautifully to compelling and engaging animations. Whether at their desktop or on the go, users can easily navigate between pages and effortlessly find content related to a particular practice area, person, or office.

A revolutionized brand and website for a new era: Wilson Sonsini

We took an outdated brand and website and transformed its visual identity and user experience. We shaped their brand strategy, renamed the firm, created a dynamic logo, and produced an entire suite of print collateral. Additionally, we designed a website that showcases their Silicon Valley legacy and conveys their forward-thinking approach. Wilson Sonsini represents many of the world’s largest, most innovative companies, and now they confidently look the part.