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Zappos partnered with Happy Cog to help them find their voice following the enviable “problem” of expanding at ludicrous speed and outgrowing their digital experience.

Zappos’ cheeky voice and fanatical dedication to customer service were missing from the resulting e-commerce experience and were the cornerstones of Happy Cog’s redesign. Happy Cog articulated this graphic design, UX, and copywriting thinking through a modular design system.


Zappos sells more than just shoes. With cheeky microcopy, browsing bags or clothes is just as easy, through filters, recommendations, and surfaced popular searches.

The design system now enables the internal team to extend Happy Cog’s design thinking beyond the website into iPad and iPhone applications, television advertisements, direct mail, even the bins you put your shoes in at airport security checkpoints. Long after the project completed, copy and design created by Happy Cog continue to appear throughout’s North American marketing.


Copy was the strategy to communicate Zappos’ unique personality, while driving visitors to featured products and brands.