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Dexter is Trek’s business-to-business inventory management tool for bicycles, parts, accessories, apparel, and more. It’s a communication tool for updating Trek retailers about new product releases, product updates, and informing users about making better business decisions on products, sales, and analytics. Dexter is a critical tool for Trek employees, retailers, and sales representatives all over the world.

The goal of redesigning Dexter was to make the site the number one salesperson in the company. We couldn’t begin designing effectively until we spoke to a wide range of people who used the site on a daily basis—real people accomplishing very real tasks on the website. The work we created together has a clear and empathetic understanding of specific users.


We made the multifaceted site search simultaneously more robust and easier to use.

This understanding didn’t come from a predetermined client brief or our best guess. If we did that, the users would need this product about as much as a fish needs a bicycle. Happy Cog centered the website redesign on extensive user research, beginning with personas then quickly scaling to become a much larger research endeavor. Our team traveled to bike shops to watch and interview technicians on how they interact with the site.

As an outcome of this research, we made site search more effective, increased access to various devices, and implemented an extensible design methodology able to inform UX and visual design thinking long after our engagement.