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FragranceX is a global leader in online discount fragrance sales. As a leader, FragranceX stands out from the competition by offering innovative shipping processes, great customer service, aggressive delivery prices, and a worldwide delivery network. FragranceX customers live in many parts of the world and all demand the same level of pricing, shipping speed, and attention to customer service and they needed their website redesign to reflect that.

Before our engagement began, FragranceX had an online presence with a vast catalog of products. We worked with them to increase conversions by redesigning the site search that aligned intuitively with how their users browsed their e-commerce site.

It’s most important to establish trust in an online shopping experience. Their old website lacked the polish and sophistication FragranceX’s existing and future customers expected. Using the design principle, “Less is not more. Just enough, is more,” we worked with FragranceX to focus the site’s visual hierarchy, reduce banner blindness, and put more focus on their most important selling point—their products.


One of the core goals of the redesign was establishing trust. A simple but powerful way we did this was establishing visual consistency between product pages and the checkout experience.

Establishing trust also meant using contemporary standards of web design. Their site’s reach had outgrown their one-size-fits-all design approach. Since the evolution of the site would go through short-term and long-term changes, it was crucial for success of the redesign project that our work not only allowed evolution and change, but encouraged it. We created flexible and adaptable templates that worked across all screen widths. The designs enhanced the visitor’s reading experience no matter which language the site displayed.


FragranceX's customers visit the site through a variety of viewport sizes. It was crucial the redesign's e-commerce experience account for all screen widths.