MyLocker & Spirit Shop

Standing out in a crowded space

Online custom apparel retailer MyLocker tapped our team to help them build a strong presence in a competitive market. By integrating strategic PPC and SEM campaigns, we were able to promote their product line and boost online sales with an impressive return on ad spend (ROAS). As MyLocker grew and acquired Spirit Shop, we applied these same strategies to their expanded client base, converting visits into online sales for both shops.


Refocus Search Strategies to Bring in Quality Search Traffic and Increase ROI

MyLocker and Spirit Shop specialize in creating custom gear for schools, sports, work, and personal events. With lots of different potential clients, we had to refocus our search strategies. By monitoring their website analytics, we were able to find ineffective keywords that were driving unqualified traffic to their site. We built a custom landing page for each sport that MyLocker sold apparel for (over 300 unique landing pages in all!), and we expanded the same strategy to their new Spirit Shop site for schools. Then we optimized the content of each page so that search engines would know exactly what was being sold.

This resulted in a 195% gain in visits from organic search across both sites. Using attribution modeling technology, we were able track which channels and campaigns were successfully introducing people into the sales funnel. This helped us understand the true value of each keyword the customer used, and how to reach the customer at each phase of the buying process.


Implementing New PPC/SEM Strategies to Increase Site Conversions

With more URLs in place and low-performing leads reduced, we were able to craft new PPC marketing strategies to connect with quality visitors, driving site-wide conversions and sales. We used automatic real-time bidding in paid search to find the most efficient times of day to bid for each keyword, and were able to retarget prospective customers with dynamic product ads across web, mobile, and social channels.

We integrated our cutting-edge proprietary technology that makes changes to campaign bids and budgets in real time, every 30 minutes. This innovative approach enabled MyLocker and Spirit Shop to cut down the cost per click (CPC) and prioritize their campaigns more efficiently. By eliminating ineffective keywords and shifting their budget to campaigns that are working for them, they’ve seen an impressive 406% ROAS.

Since implementing our strategies, the sites have experienced a 96% growth in revenue with a 114% increase in transactions. From those transactions, MyLocker and Spirit Shop have seen a 68% increase in their sites’ overall conversion rates. With attribution modeling technology tracking the traffic, we were able to see that our PPC/SEM efforts accounted for 35% of the total conversions.


Increased Revenue, Traffic, and Transactions

We continue to build on our organic success with MyLocker and Spirit Shop. Display ads on sports-related sites and social media create brand awareness and attract new customer traffic, while strong SEM and PPC strategies accelerate their growth. We developed a strong long tail keyword strategy for every school and product, reaching a wider base of customers and restructuring shopping feeds to maximize long tail exposure. We have also focused significantly on dynamic product remarketing, using their site analytics to retarget potential customers (such as cart abandoners). The advantages of working with both organic and paid search are huge: We can test and see what works with organic campaigns then apply it to paid campaigns, and vice versa.

This has helped us get dramatic results for MyLocker and Spirit Shop, including:

  • 117% gain in paid-search revenue and 163% gain in organic-search revenue
  • 9% gain in average order value
  • 81% gain in the number of both organic-search and paid-search transactions